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Welcome to Christian Worldwide Worship Ministries, CWWW. Our purpose resides in our slogan: Music for His Glory, People for His Praise! We exist to compose and promote music that glorifies God; to train and develop people who will praise God and worship Him as King of kings and Lord of lords. For our God is worthy of all praise, honor, glory, and power.

CWWW core services include worship and music training, music publishing, and web resources.

CWWW emerged from a vision God had placed in brother Ken's heart for many years. As the years went by, our Lord has continued to give him this burden. Thus after much prayer, God's direction is clear, we launch this ministry by faith.

By the grace of God, CWWW becomes an official not-for-profit organization registered as Christian Worldwide Worship Ministries in the state of Nebraska.

Even though CWWW is in its infancy stage, the Lord has brought just the right people to help us. Currently all our co-workers are volunteers, but we are dedicated and have a heart to serve the Lord with our God-given gifts and resources. Our key co-workers are highly qualified professionals eager to volunteer their gifts and resources in this ministry.

We intend to complement existing music ministries, rather than compete with them. In fact some of the directors in those groups are on our Advisory Council.

What makes CWWW distinct?

1. All our co-workers are volunteers. We have our own professions yet we are dedicated. All the offerings that we receive will go into the operation of CWWW ministries.

2. We let our contributing composers keep the copyrights of their works and yet compensate them royalties, unless they donate their works to CWWW.

3. We give new Christian composers, arrangers, and musicians in general the opportunities to introduce their music and gifts through CWWW. New musicians sometimes find it difficult or lack resources to publish their works. We are here to provide a solution. As long as the works they provide for us are excellent in quality, Biblically sound, and are approved by our reviewing committee, we will help them publish their works and pay them royalties.

4. We work as a bridge to bring Christians around the world together to share their best. By doing so, we will be able to enrich the church of Jesus Christ worldwide and encourage unity among us.

In the near future, we hope to be able to publish some of our music and expand our online resources. Lord willing, we also will have our first CWWW retreat for musicians to rejuvenate, to gain new perspectives, to exchange ideas, and to fellowship with other musicians and music lovers.

If you would like to support this ministry or send a link to your friends and families, please continue to explore our site. We welcome you to be part of this ministry. You can help in at least three different ways.

[ A ] To volunteer, please click on our "RESPONSE " Listing button for more information.

[ B ] To be a prayer partner, please click "RESPONSE " and fill out the prayer partner form and email us. You will be included on our regular prayer email updates. We will update you our prayer items. Prayers are essential to a ministry.

[ C ] To financially partner with us, you can make an offering. Please click on "RESPONSE" We will be grateful for any gift you choose to send.

Thank you for your continual support and prayers. We need your support. May God bless you, keep you, and remember your kindness and sacrifice in partnering with CWWW.